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Looking for the best Windows or Mac computer repairs service in Narre Warren North? And surrounding suburbs such as: Berwick, Beaconsfield, Cranbourne, Dandenong, Endeavour Hills, Mulgrave, Narre Warren, Pakenham, Rowville, etc. – CMSS offers first class computer repair services and technical support! Call 8790 4460

At CMSS in Narre Warren North computer repairs and troubleshooting is one of our passions – call the friendly and dedicated expert team at CMSS – 8790 4460
Never say: ‘I quickly whip this out of the computer for you!‘ That’s when you find out these machines aren’t reliable at all.
Computers were supposed to make the job easier, more sophisticated and professional. But they always let us down at the worst moment. As anything else nowadays, computers breakdown too! Parts die, software get corrupted because of a million reasons. You don’t need to do anything special to get into troubles.

Clients always think they’ve done something wrong to bring along the problem, but it’s not usually the case. People have come to think that the machines cannot go wrong, they forget those machines are designed and built by humans. As the saying goes: ‘We are only humans and not perfect‘ therefore we make mistakes. Yes we can strive for the best possible outcomes, nevertheless there will be imperfections. All computers, be they Mac or Windows based will give you grief some day or another because someone else made a mistake. And sometimes the mistakes could be intentional, such as planned/designed obsolescence.

That’s when you need help to fix the problem so you can complete your commitments and tasks. CMSS - SEO Logo
Call us to help you get out of the sticky situation! For onsite or offsite top quality and caring support, after hours and weekend – Phone: 8790 4460.

At Computer Maintenance & Support Services – (CMSS), for over 17 years, we have been repairing computers, Windows and Mac, troubleshooting and fixing all sorts of computer hardware as well as software, and IT problems for small businesses and residential users. We’d love to help you!

Some of the things we can help you with:

Diagnostics & Troubleshooting – Hardware/Software;
Virus/Trojan/Ransomware busting and System Restoration;
Application troubleshooting and support;
Custom computer design & build (desktops or networks);
Upgrades/add-ons (CPU, xtra drives/hard disks, memory, DVD, video cards, etc.);
Laptops Repairs ~ Any brand/model – Cracked screen replacement, not charging, not starting, dead laptops, dead screens, etc.;
Windows as well as Mac computers and laptops – dead, not starting, BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death), rebooting, beeping, fuzzy screen, nothing on screen, cracked/damaged screen, etc.;
Data Recovery and Retrieval;
Internet/Email setup, troubleshooting and optimisation;
Hardware maintenance, cleaning;
Caring and sensible technical support.


How to prolong the life of your Computer?

Computer Maintenance & Support Service are the leading service providers of computer repairs. We have experienced computer technicians who are ready to handle any type of work. We are offering Computer, laptop & PC repairs, data recovery, IT & technical support, Virus removal & Computer support services to clients in & around Narre Warren.

CMSS Tips for Computer Users:

1) Regular Maintenance

  • You have to clean the windows registry regularly
  • Cleaning the temporary files, downloads, history and cookies
  • You have to run the virus and antivirus scans regularly
  • Clearing Recycle Bin

2) Installing Updates

Keep your computer up to date by updating the utility software, operating system and antivirus software regularly. It helps in improving your computer speed.

3) Defragment Hard Drive 

Defragment the hard drive regularly to optimise data access and disk utilisation.

4) Physical Cleaning – Heat and Dust

  • Keep your computer out of hot spots and direct sun, and instead in a well – ventilated area.
  • Dust can clog up your fan and accumulates on circuits inside, which in turn can overheat your system leading to various malfunctions.
  • Prepare a schedule for cleaning your computer regularly.

CMSS Tips for Macbook Users:

  • Clean off your Hard Drive
  • Make sure you have sufficient free disk space (exhausting your disk space will significantly slow down your system), Clean out unnecessary files and/or upgrade to a larger disk.
  • Stop applications from automatically launching upon login –> Clean out Startup items (go to System Preferences to reconfigure your settings)
  • Clean out “Other” System Preferences that you do not use or need
  • Upgrade your MAC’s RAM
  • Check your Apple Activity Monitor to find info on CPU usage, virtual memory usage and RAM requirements.
  • Use “Fan Control” to keep your Mac Running cool, thereby maximizing its performance.
  • Manage and evaluate your Widgets properly – disable the ones you do not need to enhance your computing efficiency.

Make use of these tips to prolong the life of your computer. Fix any computer repairs & services, by calling CMSS today!

Home users often comment..

All this computer stuff is way over my head. I just want to be able to turn it on, read my email and print out some recipes, or my payment records. How on earth do they expect me to make sense of all these things?

Things keep popping up asking me if I want to install this, update that, restart the computer… How am I supposed to know whether this is required or not? Why do I have to restart the computer anyway? And these updates, is it just another way to get more money out of me? I don’t want to keep paying for things I might not need anyway.

And with all these bad things you hear about, you see on TV about being careful, do not open emails if you don’t know who sent it. Don’t install things nilly willy cause a lot of these are just tricks to con you and invade you and steal your stuff. Except for some photos and my music, I don’t really have anything to get stolen. Should I worry about it? How would your everyday Joe make sense of all these?

I’m not stupid but all these computer speak, why don’t they just call things like everybody does, speak English. You see all these words, and it just doesn’t make sense.

The printer the other day, went to print and something popped up about a paper jam, it’s a brand new pack of paper, and the computer repair.

Does this mean it’s cactus already and I need to buy another one? I don’t do that much printing anyway and the day I want to use it this comes up!
I just don’t have the time to learn all these things, can they just make it simple for us non techies?

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