Stress at Work – How to Reduce?

There are so many factors that can raise tension and create stress at work even when one has been lucky enough to secure the ideal job!
Some people say: ‘I just enjoy so much what I’m doing, it doesn’t feel like work.’
Others dread just turning up at the same work. An experience that can be comparable to real sickness!
The reality is we are social animals, and work is one major means for contributing to society.
Work should also be contributing to our livelihood (our family needs, our personal needs, then society at large).
Not many of those people who feel ‘work is so much fun’ would gladly work for free when their essential needs (food, bills, healthcare, recognition, etc) had not been met.
Personal attitude
Regardless of which group we belong to, we all need to be mature enough to accept that what we are doing needs (in the vast majority of cases) to be done by somebody. So if we are the ones doing it, as the saying goes: ‘if it’s worth doing, do it at the best level you can’.
That just means putting value on what we’re doing, then giving it the best interest and attention we have. Human nature drives us to apply ourselves the best we can.
Someone once said: ‘even the staunchest pacifist will strive to do a better job whilst forced to work at a weapons production line’.
So once we’ve decided that we are going to work on that job, we need to start programming ourselves to accept it. As humans, we are born to learn. We can learn from somebody else. And we can also learn from ourselves and teach ourselves positive outlook and expectancy.
Being on the positive side will help us negate feeling like a defeated victim.
It’s not about being blindly positive. We need to take stock of our capabilities and limitations. Just about any limitation can be overcome through learning and positive expectation.
We are all different. So are our gifts. We all learn differently. The key here is that difference. That will help to accept ourselves (forget how the one next to us goes about things), our capabilities, and the way we learn and perform. Add some perseverance and positive outlook to that, and we sure will be able to soon feel comfortable doing that scary job.
So there is a lot we can do to help feeling us good about the job, no matter what it is. There is also a lot out of our control as well. Topics for future articles!

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