CMSS Repairs ~ serving South Eastern and Eastern suburbs – From Pakenham to Oakleigh as well as Box Hill to Cranbourne ~ and surroundings such as: Berwick, Narre Warren, Clyde, Belgrave, Narre Warren South, Fountain Gate, Hallam, Narre Warren North, Doveton, Beaconsfield, Harkaway, Narre Warren East, etc. – Computer Maintenance & Support Services – the best team for top quality PC and laptop repair as well as IT support services.

Computer Repairs – As well as Any IT support needs – Whether On-Site, Off-Site, Remotely or Pick-Fix-Return

Computer Repairs for all South Eastern & Eastern Suburbs – Do you have any problem with your computer that you can’t solve? For Laptops – All-in-Ones – Macs ~ Desktops – Any Brand ~ Any Make ~ Any Type

CMSS provides a comprehensive line of PC repair services and will revive it back to its brand new condition.

Computer Repairs - Coolermaster-Elite-110-Compact-Mini-ITX-Inside - Fixed
Install Genuine CPU Cooler

What computers or devices we repair

  • Desktops, Laptops, All-In-Ones
  • Apple Mac laptops and desktops
  • Peripherals
  • Networking troubles
  • Applications not working properly
  • And anything else in between

Where do problems start from

Parts and components in computers and peripherals can and do fail.
Reasons of failures range from:

  • Planned obsolescence to low quality parts used in manufacturing (cost cutting).
  • Sometimes it’s just bad luck due to the nature of high volume manufacturing processes or inefficient quality control procedures.
  • Software corruptions, bad updates, incorrect settings.
  • Malwares: Virus, Spywares, adwares, Trojan horses, ransomwares, keyloggers, screenloggers, spoofed sites, fishing spam, etc.
  • Fake utilities promising to speed up your PC or your Internet.
  • Bad builds, incorrect/inconsistent configurations

Computer repairs involve many different aspects and no two cases are ever the same. Yes we fix the hardware. But in a lot of cases we also have to fix the software so the hardware can run optimally. Computers are such complex and integrated systems, seldom can we only fix computer hardware issues.

Nonetheless a device might start acting up:

  • Requires multiple reboots to finally start
  • Takes longer to start up
  • Seems to become unresponsive, freezing up, just plain frustrating
  • Pages taking longer to load even offline applications
  • Switching off, restarting by itself, or won’t turn off when you click on shutdown
  • Abnormal noises
  • Weird artefacts or nothing on the screen
  • Things popping up and jamming up your screen?
  • Your browser is taking you to sites you didn’t click on?
  • You can’t even use your computer anymore as something is now blocking you?

How we do things

  • Troubleshooting and diagnosing the origin and sources of failure or troubles
  • Replacing damaged computer parts and upgrades
  • Self build PCs, gaming rigs check up, cable management
  • Identify malware and using specialised tools, we thoroughly clean up infection, rehabilitate and harden your system
  • We help you setup a backup strategy for data preservation
  • In case of extreme misfortune, we do data recovery as well
  • Fixing and reconfiguring software corruption and glitches
  • Installing new software suites and configuration as per your requirements
  • Configure and setup new computer in accordance with set industry norms and to suit your needs

Our edge

Our registrations with various wholesale suppliers open up access to genuine as well as high quality third party compatible spare parts line. Unless it’s too obsolete to merit fixing, we can probably get the part. And get the repair done.

Our technicians work in an environment fitted with the state of the art infrastructure. We have the technology and resources necessary to provide expert computer parts  and software diagnostics, replacement and configuration services . Up-to-date on the latest technologies we ensure computer setup services that entail configuring updates and installing apps & software accordingly.

So for computer repairs we do handle

Computer Hardware Repairs

  • Computer, laptop not starting, dead
  • Cracked screen, screen not working
  • Clicking, clanking noises coming from the computer
  • Computer starts, then shuts down

Computer Software Issues

  • Slow, sluggish, unresponsive
  • Email, internet troubleshooting
  • Helping you recover from ransomware attack
  • Pop ups, weird messages when browsing the internet

Technical – Miscellaneous Mishaps

  • “No signal” error message on monitor
  • USB drive not detected
  • “You must format drive before you can use it” chilling message
  • Custom built PCs, new systems
  • General IT consultancy
  • etc.

To regain control and enjoyment of your system or to harden your system against current and emerging threats, call us to see how we can help.

Our Commitment – Efficiency, Total Service and Convenience

CMSS for computer Repairs – we strive for Total Service, Convenience and Efficiency for our clients

Therefore we have various service options to suit any needs or circumstances:

Onsite ~ We come to you and we fix or resolve your issues at your place.
Offsite ~ You can drop it off to our workshop, we fix it out and you pick it up when done. No worries, we’ll still handled your job as a priority.
Remotely ~ internet connection must be working, usually for adjusting settings, helping you with how to do something.
Pick-Fix-Return ~ maybe you can’t drop it off, or an onsite job turns up better handled back at the workshop – we’ll return and complete the job on site.

Our ultimate aim

You simply use it when we’ve finished with it!

Our Service areas:

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