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Parts and components in computers and peripherals can and do fail.
Reasons of failure range from planned obsolescence to low quality parts used in manufacturing (cost cutting).
Sometimes it’s just bad luck due to the nature of high volume manufacturing processes or inefficient quality control procedures. CPU on Motherboard
Software corruptions, bad updates, incorrect settings.
Virus Cleanup – Malwares, Spywares, adwares, Trojan horses, ransomwares, keyloggers, screenloggers, spoofed sites, fishing spam, etc.
Fake utilities promising to speed up your PC or your Internet.

Nonetheless a device might start acting up:

  • Requires multiple reboots to finally start
  • Takes longer to start up
  • Seems to become unresponsive, freezing up, just plain frustrating
  • Pages taking longer to load even offline applications
  • Switching off, restarting by itself, or won’t turn off when you click on shutdown
  • Abnormal noises
  • Weird artefacts or nothing on the screen
  • Things popping up and jamming up your screen?
  • Your browser is taking you to sites you didn’t click on?
  • You can’t even use your computer anymore as something is now blocking you?

Experts at Diagnostics – Hardware and Software.
We supply and replace failing components.
As well as fixing and reconfiguring software corruption and glitches.
Using specialised tools, we thoroughly clean up, rehabilitate and restore infected and hijacked systems.
To regain control and enjoyment of your system or to harden your system against current and emerging threats, call us to see how we can help.

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