Nasir Ghobrial

Operating System not responding.
Professional and responsive person. Very Happy with his service and price. Highly recommended.
Thank you so much Rigo.

Glynne Milburn

cmss computer maintenance support service
We had an unexpected emergency problem with our computer. We were lucky enough to find Rigo, who came to the house that same evening and repaired the problem for us. What a delightful and knowledgable man. We would recommend Computer Management Support Services to anyone who is looking for professional and efficient computer service and repairs.

Gaetano Fina

Laptop repair
I was please by the work performed by CMSS on my laptop. Would recommend to anyone. G. Fina

Lalin De Silva

Great repair job by Rigo – Thank you Mr Miracle-worker
Rigo must be having something with his hands, if not his intuition.
YES, I had a massive problem with my Desktop (PC) for a couple of months where the computer was freezing sometime after it comes on (where it was shutting down after every 6 hours on its own), and just gets stuck – with me freaking out where I could not continue with my normal professional work. Tried many things on my own to get it repaired, and as that did not work, I got a friend of mine, a so-called Computer expert to come and see what the problem was & then maybe repair it.
He tried for TWO whole days doing all sorts of technical gimmickry, but could not detect the issue/s, and therein after wasting a lot of resources of mine I was left at “Square-One”.
That was when I called in the “Miracle-worker” in Rigo to come and help me out.
He came to my place, gave me much confidence as to how he was setting about solving / detecting the issues, then took my whole setup to his place in the evening of the 1st day, and in the afternoon of the next day called me to let me know that he had found the issue/s, and therein had repaired it.
His invoice was very reasonable considering the fact that he had installed a “Power-Supply” and Updated the Bios on the Motherboard with one whole day’s of labour.
The Computer is now GOOD as NEW with it running perfectly. RIGO was also just GREAT in explaining the problems & what he had done in plain simplistic language; which was so good for a lay-person (or a normal legal-professional) like myself.
Thank you so much RIGO, you were a life-saver.


Rigo’s Services
Rigo has been taking care of my computer needs for over nine years.
He saves me much anguish and makes everything run smoothly.
He approaches everything in an experienced and professional way.

Darren Pronk

Laptop Repairs and Upgrades
Great service, Laptop running like new again

Brett Davis – Concrete Dynamics

Upgrade – New Computer
Fantastic reliable service. Work had to be completed under pressure as our quoting services for our business had to stop until the computer issues and the upgrades could be completed. Computer Maintenance and Support Services rose to the challenge once again as they have done for the last 10 years. Thanks again. (Concrete Dynamics)

Jono Nykel

Macbook Pro Motherboard and Keyboard
10/10 ! Professional and fantastic communication. I was Inform each step of the process, from the first conversation I knew I could trust Rigo to look after my MacBook Pro. I have no hesitation recommending CMSS to anyone!


Data Recovery
Great service, really happy with the work. Highly recommend


Laptop power jack repairs

Awesome service by a nice bloke who knows what he does very well. Had previous experience with other local pc repairers and compared to cmss they’re a waste of time.

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