Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance or T.L.C. – Computers are machines that do need care like every other machine to run properly and reliably.

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Our technicians’ expertise and flair developed over years of experience and continuous learning will ensure your systems are in optimum shape.

New computer setup

First of all our technicians know that properly setting up a brand new system  also involves preliminary maintenance routines.

Even as new, a computer is really not up to its best performance despite popular belief. Just like a brand new car requires running in, a brand new computer needs to be fine tuned.
Correct setup including maintenance optimisations will ensure your new computer performs at it best.

Routine Computer Maintenance

Then periodical reviews and adjustments can maintain such new feeling experience, allowing you to enjoy your computing experience.
We therefore use routine maintenance tasks and procedures we’ve designed to make computers more reliable and improve performance. Moreover these activities also significantly improve chances of better recovery when disaster strikes.
Performing planned major computer maintenance at least once a year a recommended minimum. Six months interval sessions may even be better depending on conditions.
In some cases executing minor maintenance routine tasks on a weekly or monthly basis as well may be advisable.

Computer Maintenance activities might include:


Physical cleaning

Dust and fluff, smoke, no matter how clean the environment collect in computers and electronic devices.
The fans and the static electricity within attract particles from the air that build-up over critical components.
This will therefore impair the efficiency of the cooling system and create overheating issues.
Overheating is certainly a major source of system instability and potentially reduced components durability.
Dust and fluff build up can also become an allergy hazard.
We also clean up keyboard, mouse, modem, printer, monitor, etc, and neaten up cabling to help reduce accidents and interference.
Just as well we review, provide advice and remedy where possible on ergonomics and work area layout.  A well thought work-flow setup can certainly greatly reduce potential injuries and help increase productivity and efficiency.

Visual inspection

Visual checks whilst internally cleaning up the system can also show early signs of potential problems – swollen capacitors, loose screws, burnt marks etc.


Application Software Review

  • Check and confirm installed software for trial or redundant programs.Remove and clean up as required.
  • Update and patch useful applications to the latest versions for performance and security reasons.
  • Check for relevant drivers updates, further contributing to general system performance and stability.

Computer Maintenance - Malware Cleanup

Operating System

  • Fully patch and update the operating system, programs, utilities and drivers, again for performance, stability and security.
  • Review and optimise startup items and services to make sure full system capability is available for speed, performance and stability.

Software general cleanup

  • Perform cleanup of left-overs from normal operation.
  • Purge browser temporary files and folders.
  • Also further conduct deeper cleaning to fully remove left-over files/folders and redundant registry entries reducing conflicts and improving performance.

Security ~ Bug check up

No proper computer maintenance can be considered complete without malware (most commonly called viruses) search, remove and cleanup. Such is the nature of computing activities nowadays, no matter how one uses their machine, it’s bound to pick up:

  • Spyware: trying to find out more about user habits, likes, interest, private data, etc.
  • Adware: can be follow-up from spyware serving you ads of interest from spyware findings, or simply bombard you indiscriminately with ads, pop-ups.
  • Trojans: usually installed in the background whilst you’re tricked thinking it’s a free app of interest.
  • Hijackers: change your homepage settings and/or your search engine to show you/take you to unexpected sites/results.
  • Keyloggers: monitor your activities and records private and confidential info when working under secure settings ~ banking? social security? The crooks get these logs for purposes such as identity theft, getting into your banking, impersonating you, etc.
  • PUPs, Screenloggers, Cryptominers, Ransomwares, BOTs, Zombie computers, etc.

The new era crooks and miscreants use these tools indeed to make their money these days. Why risk one’s life robbing banks when they can pilfer some of all that money flowing through the internet one way or another?

In the olden days viruses used to make our lives miserable by damaging our systems, just nasty stuff. Nowadays anything unwanted that gets into our computers/devices is financially motivated. If it can stay hidden and undetected, so much better for the crooks.

It goes without saying that cleaning up sooner these PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), the better for everyone not only for you.

Hard Disk Drive Optimisation

For maintenance of your computer we use special utilities to further optimise data written to the hard disk and  reducing and minimising glitches and inefficiencies. These procedures also extremely benefit and improve general performance and help for recovery interventions when needed.

  • Disk check
  • Defragmenting
  • File system check
  • Windows installation integrity
  • etc.

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