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Business Technical Support

Technical Support – For a small/medium business or organisation outsourcing IT Support and Maintenance can be a very cost effective and efficient way to have full technical department services without having to invest in a full in-house tech desk.
Pro-active maintenance, day-to-day technical/networking queries or hiccups, emergency interventions and more, all can be achieved through outsourcing. This can also help your organisation to optimise costs and commitments.
Whether you work at a dedicated business premises or an office at your residence, no two businesses are ever the same. CMSS can tailor a custom technical support plan to cater for your specific needs or requirements.
For business continuity and a productive work session, CMSS technical support is just a call away to help you.

How we can help.

You may be starting up and you need some help deciding, planning and organising the computers, software and IT requirements you will need to get going. Making sure the internet is correctly working, organising your emails and communications needs.
Maybe you have been already running the business for some time and now need to re-adjust things. Your accounting package might need to be updated/upgraded as well as the data or settings.
Or something that used to simply work no longer does and you urgently need it operating back properly and efficiently.
A remote session can be a real time saver and efficient way to quickly get you back in action.

Home User Technical Support

Home users often comment:

‘At work we just call the IT Department when things go wrong or we’re stuck’.
Computer Maintenance & Support Services can be your at home ‘IT Department’!
You probably just want to be able to turn on your PC or laptop, whether you’re checking emails, your banking, Skype or Facebook and simply go through it without a fuss.
We’ll take care of the technical aspects.

How we can help.

Pro-active maintenance, day-to-day technical/networking puzzles or hiccups, emergency interventions and more. We aim to help you enjoy whatever you want to do. Technical Support - CMSS Home User Help
CMSS can tailor a custom suite of services to cater for your specific needs or requirements or just at call when you need support. Our extensive experience and technical expertise allow us to help you simply do what you want do.
It could be something you may not be sure how to go about.
Maybe you bought a new device (printer, scanner, etc) and you can’t quite figure out how to set it up properly or use it.
You want to transfer photos from your camera/phone and the device is not showing up in the computer.
Or something unexpected might have happened.
Whatever you may need help with and don’t know where to get support. Call CMSS and we’ll sort it out for you.

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