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Yes - We are open - Drop it Off - Pick-Fix-Return - Remote Support - available

Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs

  • Diagnostics and Fixes
  • Parts and components, peripherals
  • Software corruptions, tweaks
  • Incorrect settings
  • Virus, trojans, spyware
  • Obsolete items, junk can mess things up.

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Computer Repairs

Computer Maintenance

  • Maintenance or T.L.C.
  • Deep system cleanup
  • Slow? Freezing? Unresponsive? Noisy?
  • Configurations and optimisations
  • Error messages
  • Updates, etc.

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IT Support

  • Small businesses – Home users
  • Daily technical/networking queries, hiccups
  • Device setup computer-laptop-phone-printer etc
  • Security, protection, lost passwords
  • Disaster mitigation, recovery
  • Emergencies

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  • Internet connection setup, troubleshooting
  • Network – Wireless setup and security
  • Access to your email
  • Slow/unresponsive internet-email
  • Sharing data and resources
  • Network printer, Smart TV, etc.
  • We help you sort all these out and more

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  • Prevention is better than cure.
  • Data safeguard and protection
  • Develop and implement most suitable procedure
  • Show you how to monitor it yourself
  • Don’t want to monitor it yourself? We can do it for you!

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Data Recovery

Data Recovery

  • Invalid system disk
  • Boot failure
  • Hard disk error
  • Windows detected a hard disk problem
  • Other heart wrenching storage messages
  • Deleted, lost data
  • We can help you get your data back

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About Us

Servicing Melbourne South Eastern and Eastern Suburbs since 2002
About Us - CMSS - Office ~ Workshop Entrance

COMPUTER Maintenance & Support Services – On-site, Remote and Off-site full IT Consultancy and technical support as well as repairs services for:

  • Small businesses
  • Home businesses
  • Home users
  • Schools and educational facilities
  • Clubs and associations, nursing homes, medical practices Religious organisations, etc.

We strive for Total Service, Convenience and Efficiency for our clients in Narre Warren and surroundings.
Therefore we have various service options to suit any needs or circumstances:
Onsite ~ We come to you and we fix it or resolve your issues at your place.
Offsite ~ You can drop it off to our workshop, we fix it out and you pick it up when done. We’ll still handled your job as a priority.
Remotely ~ internet connection must be working, usually for adjusting settings, helping you with how to do something.
Pick-Fix-Return ~ maybe you can’t drop it off, or an onsite jobs turns up better handled back at the workshop – we’ll return and complete the job on site.

We are dedicated and offer full-fledged computer and IT support services including operating system & anti-virus software installation, network setup for home & office, system upgrades, data recovery and so forth.

Latest Blog

iMac G4 Music Recovery

iMac G4 Music Recovery Narre Warren North


Recovering music files from non booting – dead iMac G4

Best Computer Repairs Narre Warren

Best Computer Repairs Narre Warren North


Any computer or laptop repairs CMSS Your Qualified and Highly Experienced Friendly local computer repair shop Narre Warren North Since 2002 helping residential users small medium businesses We’d love to help you too Any brand Any type CMSS 8790 4460

Dead Lenovo Laptop Legion - Repaired

Dead Lenovo Laptop Legion Repairs Narre Warren North


Out of warranty laptop repaired under warranty to save customer expensive options. CMSS finds the best outcome for you. Our aim is to help you in the most affordable and optimum way so you can enjoy your technology.

What people are saying!

Pro-active maintenance, day-to-day technical/networking puzzles or hiccups, emergency interventions and more. We aim to help you enjoy whatever you want to do.

Jhon Doe

computer maintanence and repair

Got my first computer 15 something years ago and from the first day a called The Computer IT Specialist (Rigo C )  to help with the Installation and of course maintenance & repair . the response that I got was always professional, prompt, very knowledgeable and punctual with a positive response to any issue regarding my computer including upgrading and new programs, very realistic price for the service he provides...I will always be using and recommending Rigo as l have for the last 15 years, very trustworthy and if something is not 100% he will start again and again Very honest I will Recommend to anyone with confidence. Anytime I called I got very good response.

Regards Cornel Corb .

Computer Fix-it man, extraordinaire

Rigo, at Computer Maintenance & Support Services, has been solving all of my computer problems for a period of just over ten years now.

There were times when I needed my computer upgraded, Rigo took care of that. Another time, my hard disk needed to be replaced. This also was no problem for Rigo.

Now, I would not call Rigo a computer geek, but surely he is a Professor of computers.

He can just about solve any problem of yours, or mine, involving computers. He is dedicated, and reliable, persistent, and trustworthy. And he is easy to contact, and nearly always available for me, whenever I need his services, or call him up.

Rigo will give of his valuable time to you. He listens to your problems. He endeavours to help you in the best ways that he can do so.

Steve Marshall

Laptop support

I received professional advice and guidance when solving our laptop issues. The support received was personally tailored to our circumstances and extremely helpful. Thank you so much.

Kelly Giuliani

Computer Services

Rigo has looked after my computer needs for approximately 10 years and has provided excellent assistance and advice whenever required, either in person or remotely.  I'm sure his unfailing good humour helps combat all those stupid questions us non technical people ask, and if he doesn't immediately know the answer he will research until he finds a solution for you.  I have no hesitation in recommending Rigo's services.

Colleen Littler


For many years CMSS have been an excellent source of help in trouble shooting, researching, and keeping my Apple Mac computers running productively and efficiently, no job was to small or to big, no question is too silly or too difficult for CMSS to handle and come up with great outcomes.

I recommend CMSS as they are reliable, efficient, courteous, and respectful.

Terry Gunning

Computer Tech Rigo Compaore

I have been a customer of Rigo for many years now.  He is a very capable and knowledgeable man.  He know the mechanics of a computer as well as its systems & workings.  He also knows his way around the internet.  He has built me an 'old' computer, so I can play a 1996 game (I didn't realise I'd need my old computer for that, at the time & got rid of it).  He has made my current computer better than it ever was.  He is very kind, patient and friendly and has gone out of his way to help me.  His rates are reasonable too.  I think of him as a friend now.  I have not hesitation in recommending Rigo to others.

Meredyth Sawyer

IT support

Very reliable service and best customer support. To be recommended


Printer set up

I would like to thanks the CMSS owner Mr. Rigo for setting up my printer connection through the laptop.  He was humorous and patient.  He shows me  the technical and software update and help me to setting up my child laptop as well.  He is professional manner and would be recommended.  His help is very much appreciated. Thanks for your excellent service.


complete computer rebuild

l have used Rigo for fixing and maintaining my computers for about 10 years now and l have always gotten a good price and he also takes the time to explain things to you...friendly and he comes to your house to take away the hassles of going to a computer repair store....recommend Rigo highly :)

Therese Merigan

HDD replacement & computer diagnostics

Rigo was so accommodating and knowledgeably The issues were fixed and within 24hrs of our call and at a reasonable cost Rigo uses quality parts and kept us up to date with proceedings Final have a local tech guy that I would be happy to recommend


Computer Maintenance

Hi All, anyone interested in Computer Maintenance or restoration of your PC, Laptop etc. Rigo is your man. Very lovely guy. I had trouble with my Toshiba Satellite Pro. It's about 7 years old now. I didn't want to part away with it as it's the one of the best in that era. Rigo agreed. So it had 3 USB ports and they needed working on. There was problems with viruses etc. So Rigo restored to brand new and increased memory, installed anti virus software costing me far less than a Laptop on the market to that quality.

Since then Rigo as done all my maintenance and keeps the anti spyware upto date on on my laptop and he taps into my laptop remotely. It's like he is a ghost. Since I'm pensioner he let's me pay it off over a 2 fortnightly payments.

I highly recommend Rigo to my computer maintenance in a heartbeat.  Very quick, kind and understandable. I have referred him to a few people that needed computer maintenance.


Good job Rigo see you next year for that maintenance.

Tiffany Ewins

CMSS review

Very efficient service and pleasant to deal with. Good communicator and trustworthy. Rigo comes to my house and if he can't fix the computer there, he'll take it away and return it when it's fixed. Highly recommended.

Alex Koster

Exceptional Service

Service is excellent. Rigo is prompt and responsive. He is professional and his work is of a very high standard. He has always solved any of my IT problems and will work with me to find a fix that suits my needs. Would highly recommend his work and services.



Computer help

Hello Rigo all this stuff is to complicated for me you are a good computer man who does a good job fixing my computer and I am grateful for your help when needed

Rodney Willis

AAA Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd – Testimonial

As small business owners working from our office and leveraging the Internet, PC performance is of the utmost in criticality. Having Rigo from Computer Maintenance available for repairs at a very competitive price, and sometimes the option for on-site (or at home) service, makes it highly desirable to do business with him. Everything is kept up to date and the very knowledge of his business can get what needs to be done. Rigo can help with every step to step detail, depending on what you need. We highly recommend Computer Maintenance for any PC repair issues you may have!

Donna Boucher

AAA Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd

Computer Repairs and Support

I got very good service and help from Rigo.
Computer Maintenance & support Services is very professional and I highly recommend anyone who needs personal and honest service to contact them.
You will be pleased with the service, computer or anything else.



Prompt and professional

We have dealt with Rigo for a number of years now both with our business and personally. From that first phone call to the prompt follow up, nothing is too much for Rigo. I highly appreciate his professionalism and promptness with our work computers and I thank him for his patience when explaining things to a non IT person :) Highly recommend !

Startek Automotive Pty Ltd

CMSS Review

Rigo has been providing his technical support service and maintenance to computers for my family for around 7 years.

My husband always relied on Rigo's help when he was in trouble with his computer. After my husband passed away, my family always ask for Rigo's help. Whenever my son and I have any trouble with our computers, he is always able to fix them up immediately.

Thank you Rigo!

Yoko Whitmore

Rigo - CMSS

first time i've used Rigo, he came & set me up with my new p.c. & helped with some other technical issues as well i found him to be very knowledgeable & professional & punctual, i very happy with his service & would recommend him to anyone


cmss "Fabulous service"

Our initial introduction to Rigo & CMSS was an SOS call from our Company that required urgent assistance.
Rigo was on the doorstep within 2 hours and was able to provide solutions and options for our business moving forward.
Rigo has supported our business every step of the way, until we are now up and running.
He is very polite, professional & informative and is always contactable to answer any questions or queries.
Rigo obviously knows his trade and enjoys what he does, he has been a “valuable person/business” to add to our network.

The Travel Notebook

Kaz Lee

Great Service

Great person very easy to deal and excellent work ethic... great Service.

Prem Saldanha

Laptop screen fix

Rigo is so polite and friendly, and his work is amazing! i got my laptop back the day after i dropped it off to get fixed! fast and reliable, Rigo has done such a great job!


Laptop power jack repairs

Awesome service by a nice bloke who knows what he does very well. Had previous experience with other local pc repairers and compared to cmss they’re a waste of time.

Data Recovery

Great service, really happy with the work. Highly recommend


Macbook Pro Motherboard and Keyboard

10/10 ! Professional and fantastic communication. I was Inform each step of the process, from the first conversation I knew I could trust Rigo to look after my MacBook Pro. I have no hesitation recommending CMSS to anyone!

Jono Nykel

Upgrade - New Computer

Fantastic reliable service. Work had to be completed under pressure as our quoting services for our business had to stop until the computer issues and the upgrades could be completed. Computer Maintenance and Support Services rose to the challenge once again as they have done for the last 10 years. Thanks again. (Concrete Dynamics)

Concrete Dynamics

Laptop Repairs and Upgrades

Great service, Laptop running like new again

Darren Pronk

Rigo's Services

Rigo has been taking care of my computer needs for over nine years.
He saves me much anguish and makes everything run smoothly.
He approaches everything in an experienced and professional way.


Great repair job by Rigo – Thank you Mr Miracle-worker

Rigo must be having something with his hands, if not his intuition.
YES, I had a massive problem with my Desktop (PC) for a couple of months where the computer was freezing sometime after it comes on (where it was shutting down after every 6 hours on its own), and just gets stuck – with me freaking out where I could not continue with my normal professional work. Tried many things on my own to get it repaired, and as that did not work, I got a friend of mine, a so-called Computer expert to come and see what the problem was & then maybe repair it.
He tried for TWO whole days doing all sorts of technical gimmickry, but could not detect the issue/s, and therein after wasting a lot of resources of mine I was left at "Square-One".
That was when I called in the "Miracle-worker" in Rigo to come and help me out.
He came to my place, gave me much confidence as to how he was setting about solving / detecting the issues, then took my whole setup to his place in the evening of the 1st day, and in the afternoon of the next day called me to let me know that he had found the issue/s, and therein had repaired it.
His invoice was very reasonable considering the fact that he had installed a "Power-Supply" and Updated the Bios on the Motherboard with one whole day's of labour.
The Computer is now GOOD as NEW with it running perfectly. RIGO was also just GREAT in explaining the problems & what he had done in plain simplistic language; which was so good for a lay-person (or a normal legal-professional) like myself.
Thank you so much RIGO, you were a life-saver.

Lalin De Silva

Laptop repair

I was please by the work performed by CMSS on my laptop. Would recommend to anyone. G. Fina

Gaetano Fina

cmss computer maintenance support service

We had an unexpected emergency problem with our computer. We were lucky enough to find Rigo, who came to the house that same evening and repaired the problem for us. What a delightful and knowledgable man. We would recommend Computer Management Support Services to anyone who is looking for professional and efficient computer service and repairs.

Glynne Milburn

Operating System not responding.

Professional and responsive person. Very Happy with his service and price. Highly recommended.
Thank you so much Rigo.

Nasir Ghobrial

Excellent Service

My laptop was completely dead, wouldn't even switch on, I felt helpless.
CMSS found the problem and it was fixed in less than an hour, I was able to resume my work on the same day.
They were also very friendly; I will definitely be back.

Peter Boin

Outlook Problems

Rigo's help

Rigo was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I had an urgent issue which needed fixing ASAP. The ISP support didn't have a clue after numerous hours on the phone.

He very quickly diagnosed the problem with confidence and was available to provide me with the solution without any fuss. All done within 2 hours.

He was honest, reliable and priced very fairly. An absolute gentleman and a great contact to have for future reference!!

Highly recommend Rigo!! Thank you once again!!

Arthur A

CMSS Service

Excellent service quick major repairs all fixed in 2 days


Great help with my lost data

Computer maintenance and support services

A great service and a nice guy. He recovered my data and text me the next day as promised. All done without any problems. My wife was really pleased to save her photos. He also helped jump start my car when we had a flat battery at the front of his home.
I'd recommend him to anyone.



A1 SERVICE: Rigo is Punctual,responds to your enquiries,trusted,very reasonable pricing.
I have used this service for many years and will continue to do so and would recommend him to family and friends.
He has been able to fix all my problems including recovery of my data.
In a nutshell, i am very happy with his service and is highly recommended.

gary jameson


RIGO you are AMAZING!!! I went into a tail spin when I realised that something was wrong with my hard drive and was unable to start my desktop. I made a few calls and decided to go with this company, as the gentleman on the phone was really nice and actually took the time to ask some questions. I am so VERY grateful I chose this company!!!
The technician came out to me and diagnosed the issue with my hard drive. The issue was isolated in a very prompt and professional manner. In addition, this wonderful gentleman also tweaked and cleaned up my laptop too.
RIGO you are the BEST: truly a wonderful person, very knowledgeable, so very honest and reasonably priced. It was a real pleasure dealing with a technician who really does put their customers first.
I will be telling EVERYBODY I know about RIGO: highly recommend technician and super lovely person too. Thank you so much!!
You have a customer for life in me!!


Computer Maintenance and Support Services

Friendly and efficient service

Sandra Steven

Outstanding service!!!

Rigo was able to quickly diagnose my computer problem with confidence and fix my urgent issue within 2 hours. Very fairly priced and an absolute pleasure to deal with! Absolutely highly recommend Rigo for all your computer repairs. Trusted and reliable!

Thanks once again Rigo!

A.Basil Nash

A great service and a nice guy.

He recovered my data and text me the next day as promised. All done without any problems. My wife was really pleased to save her photos. He also helped jump start my car when we had a flat battery at the front of his home. I'd recommend him to anyone. Cheers

I Michael

Customer Service A1

A couple of weeks ago, I had an amazing experience with Director, Rigo and his co. 'Computer Maintenance and Support Services' (CMSS). I found, and would rate their Customer Service A1, and was impressed with his Professionalism and knowledge, and also the way he relayed what the issue was to me. Nothing was too much and he is also lovely to do business with. I had an urgency to have my laptop working and searched online for someone in my area. Luckily CMSS was the first company that came up. When I called Rigo, I advised that I was unable to view anything on my computer screen. It was completely blank, although the lights were on. Even a friend who is computer savvy and also a telephone 'Telstra Tech' were unable to resolve. After my call, as I was unable to get to his office, Rigo came out to my house within 1 HOUR and IDENTIFIED/FIXED the issue and explained it easily to me. I have complete faith in him and his company's abilities and can't recommend them highly enough. If you have any Computer related issues, make sure to call them. 10/10

Melinda Henderson

Value for money

Rigo goes the extra mile to get things done. I had my work data recovered.

Good work Rigo

george shahid


Efficient and effective

Marcus Doyle

Helpful and Pleasant

Rigo was extremely helpful and pleasant to do business with. Answered my call on a Sunday and started working on the issue that day. He gave me updates twice a day on the progress. He was able to fix the issues and transferred all the data over and returned the PC back within 48 hours. Would highly recommend and would definitely do business with again if needed.

Victoria Hay


Rigo was amazing. Left my husbands laptop overnight as it was so slow and had lots of viruses that I couldn’t remove.
Hubby is thrilled. Like a new one.
Thanks Rigo. We will use you again and will recommend you to family and friends

Dawn & Alan Hendry


Attended promptly, same day. Fixed the problems expertly. Tick, tick, tick. Thankyou

Merredith Spykers


Very professional in what he does good work Rigo the price is always good ? been seeing him for years l Good work

Alex Ivachoff

Efficient and friendly service.

Lydia Reid

Laptop Repair

My 7 year old Windows laptop started to experience issues of extreme slow-down to the point of freezing. I have a SSD hard drive and a normal mechanical drive. Rigo found that mechanical drive was corrupted and needed replacing. (this was not clear from Windows originally) He also found a faulty RAM chip and replaced it.
He was able to recover all my data from the faulty mechanical drive and place this back onto my replacement drive. He re-partitioned my SSD drive – which was still in good shape.
There were a few issues with the computer along the way – (which can be expected – due to older laptop/compatible RAM/Window 10 recovery, etc.) This resulted in extra hours Rigo needed to spend on the recovery. (almost all of this extra time Rigo did not charge for)
All this time Rigo kept me informed of the progress and explained what was happening.
I was able to pick-up and drop off my laptop outside of normal working hours.
Rigo is clearly very knowledgeable, friendly to deal with, and is happy to give you tips and advice. I would recommend him for all your computer repair needs.

Craig Eastwood

Data recovery

Rigo was able to recover lost very important work data that another company was unable to do. We were very relieved indeed. He also connected latest WiFi aerials allowing even quicker connections, which is of great benefit, as we live in the country.

June Morrish-Stead

Wet laptop repair

My daughter spilled tea on her laptop,
Rigo managed to fix it within shorter period of time (less than 6 hours).

Excellent knowledge in laptop repairs, clear guidance for future hazards and very friendly service.

Thank you Rigo!
Happy to recommend.


Lost data retrieval from hard drive

Highly recommend Rigo, I’ve used his service twice and both times he has managed to retrieve all my missing data on my hard drive.

Easy to communicate with and answered all my questions and ease my concerns and the services was very fast and amazing. 10/10 wouldn’t go anywhere else and highly recommend this business

Rahimah Asmawi

CMSS ~ Laptops All-in-Ones Desktops Macs Repairs all brands Parts & Service Virus Removal Data Recovery Networking & IT Support for Fast and Efficient Service - Home Users Small Businesses.

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