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Dead Lenovo Laptop Legion Repairs ~ Gaming class laptop. The client was happily playing when the laptop just shutdown! No light, no noise, no movement! The laptop was just shy of fourteen month old. Googling on the smartphone did not help.

Dead Lenovo Laptop Legion Repairs ~ Under warranty


Location: At our workshop
Client type: Personal
Problem – Symptoms: No light, no noise, unresponsive.
Diagnostics: Physical, battery, power adapter,
Findings: Failed – power adapter, battery, motherboard
Solution: Get Lenovo to repair/replace failed components under warranty
Outcome: Laptop successfully repaired under warranty

Where: at our workshop

Lenovo Legion Gaming Laptop ~ The client got in touch, his gaming laptop just died, no light, no response, whilst he had been gaming hard. Really panicking, he’d been all over the internet googling how to get around this, no luck!

From experience I knew this was not a simple case, so I advised him to drop the laptop off so I can run diagnostics to find out the source/s of the trouble.

Client Type

The owner bought the Lenovo Legion which is a gaming series laptop just for personal use. No especially valuable data to worry about. Just wants it back working so he can play his games! Really stressing out as he had it custom upgraded at the time of purchase with higher performance components.He wanted a really top class rig and put the money in to get it. And now the thing died just shy of fourteen month old. And he might lose all these expensive upgrade components as well.

Well, at fourteen month we might be able to get Lenovo to own up to this failure if it turns up to be from main hardware components. Even though the basic 1-year warranty had expired, purchaser life expectancy might still prevail at fourteen month? Still have to make sure it was not software related or user-induced damage. And identify the origin of the failure in the process.


This Lenovo Legion Gaming laptop was indeed dead – Plugged in the  power adapter ~ no show on charging indicator LED; push on power button ~ nothing on power ON LED, no sign of life;

Diagnostics – Assessment

Visual check

The Legion laptop appeared in perfect condition, no dent or scratch, and pretty clean/brand new looking. No dust or fluff around the fan grills. Indeed someone’s who loved his rig!

Dead Lenovo Laptop Legion - Charger Connector and DC-In

The power adapter also looked very neat – wires properly coiled, no kinks or knots, no visible damage. Power jack in the laptop looking in perfect shape, no damage. Pin in power connector present and straight. Should be making perfect contact with power jack.

Ok, pull the multimeter out and check the power adapter. Well, no life in it at all. So the adapter was dead. Pull out a known working well test charger, plugged it in, still no light on charger and power LEDs.

Ring customer and let him know the laptop’s power adapter was definitely dead. He will need a replacement one and these are not cheap. That’s when he mentioned that the battery should be fully charged as he had kept the charger plugged in whilst playing. He remembered the battery charge indicator showing full charge before everything went dark.

So if the battery was fully charged, this Legion laptop should at least start and  run on battery. Unless the battery also died along with the charger? To check whether the battery also failed, disconnect it from the motherboard, plug in the good charger for testing. Still no sign of life. Replaced the RAM, removed the SSD, no joy.

Looks like the motherboard also died. Tried resetting the BIOS, still no response ~ definitely dead motherboard.

At this point in time, since the system was only fourteen month old for such a general failure, I felt Lenovo should take responsibility of this mess. I then requested the client to provide me with copies of the purchase docs.

Findings about this dead Lenovo Legion Gaming laptop

Visual checks – no sign of physical abuse or damage;

Charger – tested with multimeter ~ dead;

Battery – unconfirmed but potentially damaged as well from adapter death;

Motherboard – dead, not responding with test charger even with potentially major components replaced.


As the dead gaming Legion laptop basic warranty had recently expired, I contacted Lenovo support and presented the case along with my testing procedures and findings.

And yes, they agreed to take care of the matter. They organised the product pick up and return. I properly package the laptop as per requirement and sent it back for assessment and repairs under warranty.

Outcome – Lenovo Gaming Laptop Legion ~ Repaired

The Legion laptop was repaired under warranty. The client was ecstatic! Extremely happy and relieved to get his laptop back and working perfectly when he had already given up any hope about it. And especially at minimal cost considering the high cost of the replacement components.




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