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Desktop Failed Drive Recovery Narre Warren North

Workshop Job – Home Computer Data Recovery

Desktop Failed Drive Recovery ~ The client called desperate for help getting especially her photos back. The computer had stopped booting to Windows so she took it to have it repaired to a shop recommended by a work colleague. As the hard disk had indeed failed, they replaced it with an SSD and re-installed Windows afresh. They were however unable to retrieve and restore her data to the new setup. Apparently the weather was not helping? Failed Desktop Drive Recovery - Logical Recovery

The client had photos she was really desperate for, more so of her recently departed dog. Although they had an external drive for backup, they had never done any as the person who set it up for them never showed them how to.

Apart from the data, the original configurations and setup were also important, though not a priority.

Please bring it in for assessment as we all have different approaches to a particular situation.


We ran the drive through our usual assessment processes and it did turn up in really bad shape due degraded platters with a lot of bad sectors.


Following our assessments all heads returned 100% full functionality status.
Although the drive showed a lot of bad sectors the  file system however still appeared ok.

As a result of the platters degradation  it was not possible to access the drive directly from a computer. Consequently a path to recovering the required data from the failed drive would be as follows.


Path for recovery of the data from this failed desktop drive:
First we cloned the bad drive it to a good one using our state of the art imaging system.
Then we tried accessing the data directly from the clone for quick retrieval, but that failed. Had this worked, because the original setup and configurations were desired, we would have attempted booting from the clone. Nonetheless this testing had merit to try giving the client all possible best outcome.

Consequently, due to the failure to directly access the data through the clone, we would perform logical recovery off the clone.

Following completion of the logical recovery process we randomly check the integrity of the data to ensure the client gets them in a usable condition, not garbage.
Next, we’ll transfer the recovered data to the client external drive.
Well, this is a brief summary of what happened, the whole story is much longer and more complicated :-).


Although the desktop drive showed severe degradation of the platters, the recovery process returned all the data 100% good.
Happy and thankful customer!

Nice touch

Once we’re happy with the data ourselves, we setup access to the recovered data so he could check and test them himself. We then transfer the data to the client’s supplied drive.

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