It would be safe to say that most users value more their data than the systems used to process them.
Backup is a procedure that ensures we get at least half a chance when disaster strikes.

Our technicians can help develop a backup system whether local, offsite or on the cloud.

Periodically securing documents, business data files, emails, photos, music, favourites, etc so data restoration when needed is more efficient and cost effective.

Why Backup

To protect valuable Data and avoid Data Recovery!

Data recovery is a time consuming and costly process.
That is when disaster strikes and the data is valuable!

All storage media are perishable, sooner or later.
People make mistakes and accidents happen!

Where to Backup

Creating a copy of the data into the currently active internal hard disk of the computer does not provide a backup (although it can be useful for going back to an earlier version if needed).
So we copy valuable data to an independent secondary storage medium to provide an insurance when something unexpected happens (deletion, virus attack, system failure).
Do not delete the original data from the source as that will defeat the purpose of the exercise!

External Backup

Optical media
CDs, DVDs, Blurays – Recordable/Rewritable.

Flash media
USB sticks, memory cards, thumb drives –
rewritable media.

External Hard Disk Drives
Storage media in enclosure connected through USB, Firewire, eSATA.


Internal Backup

Secondary storage media installed internally in the device (desktop, server, laptop, etc.) allow backing up internally.
Copying data to a separate partition on the main HDD does not constitute a backup as it does not provide an independent copy.


Remote Backup

Network Attached Storage

These are hard disk drives in an enclosure setup with network accessibility features.
Provide another level of features, flexibility and convenience above external HDD solutions.

Cloud Storage – Offsite

Data copied to off premises location or to commercially data storage rental space.


What to Backup

Backing up aims to secure valuable data that would be irreplaceable, hard to re-create or get from any other sources.
Data have different values for different users and conditions such as business or home conditions.
An originally well organised file storage structure makes configuring a backup strategy so much easier and efficient.

Folders potentially containing valuable data:

  • Desktop
  • Documents
  • Downloads
  • Emails
  • Contacts
  • Pictures
  • Music
  • Favourites – Bookmarks
  • Videos
  • Special software folders with data files
  • The whole system in some critical cases

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