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CRUCIAL WARNING: Please STOP using the failing device!

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We Couldn’t Retrieve Anything?

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Data Recovery ~ Equipment and Processes

Our Data Recovery Services use the latest technology specialised hardware based non-intrusive/non-destructive safe processes.

Can you repair my drive/device

Normal/usual answer is no. Because failing storage media hardware cannot be repaired for further use.

However inaccessible storage media symptoms are not always due to physical failure. Physical failure cases could be repaired but for data recovery purposes only.

Sometimes a storage device can become inaccessible due to corrupt file system or firmware from various reasons. If not due to failing components, this can be repaired returning access to data and usability of the device.

Irreparable Cases

After receiving your device, we run a series of tests and diagnostics to assess the nature of the problem. That will allow us to ascertain the best course of recovery path. No two cases are ever the same and the solution needs to match the exact problem at hand.

Symptoms like – clicking, beeping, grinding, etc ~ might sound the same but not necessarily from the same source or degree of corruption-damage. Therefore the recovery process may take different paths accordingly.

How long is it going to take?

Rest assured we understand the stressful situation you are facing, been there ourselves.

We get on it asap, all clients receive the same commitment to service. Getting your data back to you is our priority.

The time frame is ultimately dictated by the remnant health of the drive. And everything we do ensures the drive/device survives the process as well as getting optimum results for you. Time is not of the essence, the data is.

We will work and extract and rebuild your data from your failing or inaccessible storage device.
Once completed, we do random checks/tests of some of your data to verify and ensure we’re not giving you back garbage.

Data Recovery - Failed Drive Imaging
Failed Drive Cloning for Data Recovery

Whatever we do will never affect your original media storage.
This is not simply a copy and paste data retrieval process.
Data Recovery IS a time consuming process and depends on the amount and nature of the corruption, therefore completion time frame cannot be predicted.
We will continuously keep you informed on progress.
We’ll help you get back your documents, photos, emails, music, videos, etc.
This also includes data recovery from hijacked and encrypted data from a variety of ransomware infections.

We do Data Recovery:

Our highly specialised recovery equipment allow us to get data back  for:

File systems

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • Android


  • NAS (QNAP, Synology, Asustor, Thecus) RAID, etc.
  • Hard disk drives – desktop, laptop, portable, external, etc.
  • SSD drives – desktop, laptop, portable, external, etc.
  • Flash drives – memory cards, SD/SDHC/SDXC/Micro/Compact, etc.
  • USB drives – USB sticks, etc.
  • Some Mobile Phones – please check with us?

Symptoms of Media Failing

Some failure signals are obvious direct messages from the system such as:

  • Invalid system disk
  • Boot failure
  • Hard disk error
  • Windows detected a hard disk problem
  • Hard disk failure is imminent
  • Clicking, whirring/grinding noises, not showing in Explorer
  • A hard drive in the system reports that it may fail
  • SMART failure imminent, back up your data – Self Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology

Other messages are not so obvious and may or not be media failure related:

  • Blue or black screen at startup with coded messages
  • NT boot loader missing
  • Missing operating system
  • Your PC ran into problems and needs to be restarted
  • You Need to Format the Disk before You Can Use It

System performance might be affected or abnormal behaviour occurs

  • Slower response, pages taking ages to load, generally unresponsive
  • Programs not starting or crashing/freezing
  • Documents not opening or returning error messages
  • System working harder, getting noisier, clicking, grinding noises

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