iMac SSD Upgrade Narre Warren North

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iMac SSD Upgrade Narre Warren North

Workshop Job – Slow ‘n Sluggish iMac 2013

Sluggish iMac SSD Upgrade Narre Warren North – The client didn’t want to buy another iMac, the deal breaker were the software and configurations on his current computer. He loved everything on it except the speed.
Late 2013 iMac, Apple store didn’t want to have anything to do with the antic! Oddly other computer shops also declined the job ~ too hard to chew?


Check the OS – startup items, currently running apps, etc. – Nothing unusual spotted.
Run hardware diagnostics – all good.
The main performance bottleneck was found to be the hard disk drive.
Although it passed diagnostics it was now a bit too slow for video editing and rendering.
The iMac had sufficient RAM and extra would not provide the desired outcome.

FIX: Upgrade to an SSD of equivalent capacity.

The client did not want to go through re-installing and configurations all his programs and tools on a new computer. There was no problems with the current setup, the best solution was to clone the current hard disk to the new SSD drive, then perform the swap.
Cloning completed and successfully tested.
To upgrade the iMac HDD to SSD, it had to be opened up by carefully cutting the glue strips attaching the screen to the case.
Whilst the computer is opened up, go through it with compressed air and brush, yeah a fair bit of stuff did get blown off.
Scrape off the old sticky tape on the base and screen assembly, clean up, re-apply new sticky, align the screen assembly to the base. Reconnect the cables, apply back the screen, all good.

Nice extra touch

Rubbing alcohol + micofibre cloth to remove finger prints off the screen and clean up the body – brand new looking PC – so says the client.
He tested some of the current projects – everything is now running smoothly, no jitter or stuttering.
After the iMac SSD Upgrade it now starts and shuts down in seconds instead of over 10 minutes.
Very happy client!
You too can have a performing and satisfying computer experience!

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