Reorganising Laptop Data Narre Warren North

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Reorganising Laptop Data Narre Warren North

Onsite-Offsite Job – Call out to reconfigure data

Reorganising Laptop Data for easier access was the client request when she called for onsite visit to help.
She had been frustrated with her laptop slowness especially when accessing and working on her Gmail.
She decided to use the Windows backup utility to save her data to a portable hard drive, then perform a clean system reset. However after returning the data following the system reset, she could no longer find her most recent documents and photos.


On checking up what was going on, it became apparent she had previously done other backups to the external drive. In her frustration with not finding the documents she was after, she had restored multiple sets of previous backups. Total mess and total confusion!
To make matters worse, the most recent backup set was longer present in the external drive. Were this available, a quicker way to solve the problem would have been to remove whatever she had restored, then restore from the latest set.


There were multiple copies of various folders and files everywhere. Reorganising and optimising data access in the laptop would not be a quick fix.
This was going to take some serious time. Copying/transferring large amounts of data definitely take a while, so I suggested doing the job back at the workshop for better time and cost efficiency.


Back at the workshop, set the system to sort out folders and files according to last modified date. Create appropriate folders and copy/paste accordingly. When all the reorganising is complete, delete the source folders/files to reclaim disk space.
After resetting the system, the customer could no longer access her old MS Office 2010 package. She decided to take up an Office 365 subscription. Unbeknown to her, that afforded her a one TB storage space on OneDrive.
One of her requirements was to have a backup system that would allow her to readily see the data just the same as when browsing through her folders.
The data allowance in OneDrive enabled configuring it as a cloud storage solution.
Reformatting the external drive, setting it up and configuring SyncToy as a backup agent to synchronise with OneDrive was the next step.
That pretty much covered the biggest parts of the requests.


When the client was notified about the results her comment was: Wow! All that sounds so amazing! I was desperate that I could not access my data anymore. To hear I haven’t lost anything is just amazing.

Nice touch

Remove all covers and perform internal dust and fluff cleanup with brush and compressed air. Will definitely improve cooling and stability.
Using rubbing alcohol + microfibre cloth, clean up screen, keyboard and external covers = squeaky clean brand new looking machine.

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