Home users often comment..

All this computer stuff is way over my head. I just want to be able to turn it on, read my email and print out some recipes, or my payment records. How on earth do they expect me to make sense of all these things?

Things keep popping up asking me if I want to install this, update that, restart the computer… How am I supposed to know whether this is required or not? Why do I have to restart the computer anyway? And these updates, is it just another way to get more money out of me? I don’t want to keep paying for things I might not need anyway.

And with all these bad things you hear about, you see on TV about being careful, do not open emails if you don’t know who sent it. Don’t install things nilly willy cause a lot of these are just tricks to con you and invade you and steal your stuff. Except for some photos and my music, I don’t really have anything to get stolen. Should I worry about it? How would your everyday Joe make sense of all these?

I’m not stupid but all these computer speak, why don’t they just call things like everybody does, speak English. You see all these words, and it just doesn’t make sense.

The printer the other day, went to print and something popped up about a paper jam, it’s a brand new pack of paper, and the computer repair.

Does this mean it’s cactus already and I need to buy another one? I don’t do that much printing anyway and the day I want to use it this comes up!
I just don’t have the time to learn all these things, can they just make it simple for us non techies?

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